We’re happy to finally share the  first single from  Protoje's  upcoming album. This one is called Same So and its directed by our very own Jordan Mars with our art director Jodian Leonie holding it down in the Art Department assisting the amazing Nickii Kane

The official music video for Sevana's infectious dancehall inspired song Mango. Jodian Leonie played a major role in assisting The Art Director Neko Bootleg Rocstar Kelly with  the gorgeous visual set pieces on display in the video. Art Department for the win again

Joby Jay and the folks over at Kingston Creative linked up to give us an eargasmic live performance. Our Art Director Jodian Leonie is responsible yet again for the  eye catching set design  on display. Check it out   

The second installment of our debut zine "The RAAS Mag" we continue to explore the theme Cycle 70's. Our latest installment Purple Haze  is a tribute to the late great Jimi Hendrix. Purple Haze explores all things psychedelic. Leno Banton channels his inner rockstar and gets groovy. Follow him while he takes a trip to the Electric Ladyland. Continue exploring the website for more Cycle 70's content. Click the cover for further exploration

The RAAS Collective presents the debut issue of our zine. "The RAAS Mag"

In this issue we explore the theme Cycle 70's. Bank Robber features Leno Banton as a fictional character straight out of any Jamaican movie from that era. Clarks clean for the stepping. Style dapper for the hustlin'. Jimmy Cliff would be proud. Just pictures, no articles. We at The RAAS Collective hope that you enjoy the viewing experience. Click the cover for further exploration. Also check out our Cycle 70's playlist and moodboards below


In Celebration of the theme Cycle 70's. Here are a few playlist and albums to commemorate the sounds of the yesteryears. Some playlist are curated by fellow friends and collaborators.


Check out these pins from our Pinterest boards that contain references for the Cycle 70's Theme. Everything from color palettes, cultural representation and overall nostalgia  

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